Toledo Potters Guild: Mission Statement and How To Apply for Membership

About the Guild

The Toledo Potter's Guild was founded in 1951 under the suggestion of the internationally recognized artist Harvey
Littleton, who was then the ceramic instructor at the Toledo Museum of Art.  Early in its history the Guild maintained
studio facilities in the Old West End, but was without a studio for thirteen years prior to becoming a resident organization
of the Toledo Botanical Garden, formerly Crosby Garden.  Throughout the years of its existence, the Guild has been
educating individuals about the various forms of ceramic art.

The goal of the Toledo Potters' Guild is the education of its members and the general public.  To meet its goal, the Guild
has undertaken several ongoing objectives:

1.        To foster an appreciation and understanding of ceramic arts in the general public by presenting exhibitions,
workshops, classes and sale of members' works.
2.        To support and provide for members' artistic and professional development through workshops, exhibitions and
educational programs.
3.        To provide a fully functioning studio for members and for the public via classes.

Membership  Requirements

There are three categories of membership:  ACTIVE, PROVISIONAL, and SUPPORTING.  Applications for membership
in the Guild are accepted two times a year.  Applicants are expected to have basic knowledge of
the methods of working clay to create pieces of art whether pottery or sculpture.

Active:  Applicants who have majored in ceramics in school, or have worked in ceramics for an extended period of time,
are most often accepted as active members. The working knowledge and refined skill of these members allows them to
participate in Guild exhibitions and sales.  

  Note:  Active members who plan on remaining inactive for a while, but wish to retain their current membership
             status, should always maintain at least a supporting membership for re-admittance to their prior status.
             Failure to do so would result in expiration of membership.

Provisional:  Applicants who have only basic skills are accepted as provisional members.  This status allows individuals
to work at their art to improve their skills and add to their knowledge of the methods of working clay.  Provisional
members have most often completed only one or two classes in ceramics, and thus often lack the knowledge of clay and
glaze formation, kiln construction and firing, and refined skills in the manipulation of clay.  Provisional members are not
permitted to participate in Guild exhibitions or sales.  Provisional members may have their work reviewed for possible
advancement in membership status.

Supporting:  The Supporting category is for individuals who strongly support the goal and objectives of the Guild and
yet they do not have a need for the studio facility, will not participate in Guild sales and will have no voting rights.

All applicants for membership must submit 5 examples of their work (slides, CD, or pieces) and a completed  application
form to the Guild Executive Board for review.  The review will determine the applicant's membership status at time of
entrance into the Guild.  Membership applications are reviewed in January and June of each calendar year.

Dues & Fees

Dues are $130.00 annually for Active and Provisional members, and $30.00 for Supporting members.   New members
must also pay an initiation fee of $20.00.  Members who join in spring pay pro-rated Toledo Potters' Guild dues.  
Membership dues for the calendar year are due no later than March 1 of that year.


The Guild studio at TBG is maintained by the Guild to promote pottery and clay sculpture as fine art.  It is a place for
members to work and a classroom for students of the Guild.  While storage space is not always available, upon initial
entry as a member, these members may be asked to transport their work until that shelf space becomes available.  The
space will be allotted according to the date the application is received.  Members may use the studio at any time of the
day, except when classes are in session.  Access to the studio is easiest during the hours that the Garden is open to the
public.  Members who use the Guild Studios (Buildings #5 & #6) are expected to perform ongoing tasks in the
maintenance and cleaning of the studio.

The Guild schedules a monthly meeting the third Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. -- except July and August.
Unless one is a supporting member, attendance to at least one meeting a year is minimal to maintain membership.  The
meeting focuses on designated subjects, including educational programs, planning sessions for Guild sales and
exhibits, business sessions, workshops and exhibit openings.  Executive Board meetings are held once a month and are
open to the general membership.

The Guild also participates in activities presented by the Toledo Botanical Garden, and in the TBG Resident
Organization Program.  TBG has offered the Guild a unique opportunity in having invited it to participate in the Resident
Organization Program, which provides the studio building, access to meeting and exhibition space, administrative
assistance and public exposure for the Guild.

If you have questions, please call Nancy Grindulis,  Treasurer, at 419-754-4333.

Membership Application Form

Name:________________________________________________________________ Date:____________________

Street Address:_________________________________________________________________________________


Home Phone:__________________________________E-mail:___________________________________________


Please answer the following questions as comprehensively as possible:

1.        Education in ceramic - years of experience, art degrees, number of courses at TPG, or college, museum,
workshops, or other (explain):

2.        Please indicate your experience with studio equipment, i.e. kilns, wheels, extruder, clay mixers, etc.

3.        What are your reasons for seeking membership in the Potters' Guild?

4.    Do you plan to use the Guild studio?         Yes  □         No  □
    Time of studio use (please circle)                       Daytime        Evening          Weekends

Frequency of studio use (please circle)            Daily                Weekly                  Occasionally

5.        Would you require use of any of the following:

Shelf space________  Wheels_________   Slab roller_________   Extruder___________
Electric Kiln________  Raku kiln________   Gas kiln __________  Glaze mixing________

6.        Approximately how many hours can you donate to the Guild for various activities, i.e. workshops, committees,     
    building maintenance, Botanical Garden events, sales events, etc.

7.   Have you ever exhibited your pottery?        Yes  □         No  □

If yes, where and when:

Toledo Potters' Guild,
Toledo Botanical Garden,
5403 Elmer Dr., Toledo, OH 43615
Phone No.: (419) 535-6937                              Website: